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17-Dec-2017 11:39

They had been forced back into a brothel to pay off their parents' debts.

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A local NGO reported having investigated 29 cases of child sexual exploitation, which resulted in the arrest of 5 foreign pedophiles.

So, on this day of love, don't forget the women, child, and men love forgets to comfort. He and his friends are desperate because he knows that most of the foreign men come for girls.

When a photographer begins to take pictures, the boys drop their sales pitch, curl up like cats on the Quay wall, and smile shyly like children.

The article tells of four, middle aged Frenchmen scouting the area.

A local, 12 year-old tells the author that these men, "They like girls...small girls." And he points to a mother who will rent her daughter "for the price of a hamburger." last year said that 15 percent of the Cambodian boys they surveyed had been sexually abused before reaching their 10th birthday.Three perpetrators were charged and awaiting trial.

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