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03-Dec-2017 20:23

I am very frustrated because I love him very much, and we have a great relationship. He used to take an antidepressant but discontinued it on his own,about 6 months after we had started dating. If you could spare some time, I would appreciate any answer you might have.He does have an issue with our age difference (8 years). Neither of you is “crazy.” It is extremely common for people to feel very depressed after this type of surgery.We all work from the same universal, basic emotional palette: anger, fear, sadness, happiness, disgust, contempt, surprise.

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External threats and violence is, contrary to what we see on the news, in continual decline (note the research by the cognitive scientist Steven Pinker, amongst others).

He has just told me he has been depressed ever since his surgery and he feels like a totally different person.