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In our post-9/11 world, the phrase "fear of flying" has a very different meaning from the one championed by Erica Jong in her 1973 bra-burning manifesto of liberation.

Jong's iconic Fear of Flying examined the female psyche (primarily hers) through the man-woman conundrum, sex, marriage, divorce, motherhood and that elusive Shangri-la, Freedom.

So, rather than let the camera be in a third-person position, either on a tripod or with a cameraperson, I decided to pass the camera between myself and other women in a similar way to how women ‘pass the ball' back and forth in conversations," she describes.

"And being under the care and guidance of a local woman meant that I was much safer than I would have been had I been on my own," she concedes.Fox explains, "We shot the entire film in PAL DVCam for two reasons: The film is a Danish co-production, so we knew we would be doing most of the post-production in Europe, where PAL is the main format.But the main reason I wanted to shoot in PAL is that it's such a higher quality video format compared to NTSC." But because PAL has a different frame rate than NTSC, shooting in that format caused technical problems when converting the final film back to NTSC.However, she feared that introducing the camera would destroy the genuine intimacy among women.

"I decided to try to use the camera in a way that mimicked the way women's conversations usually occur.

She traveled with her Sony PDX10 PAL DVCam--the smallest broadcast-level widescreen camera available.