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In the Caddo Sheriff’s debate at Broadmoor Presbyterian Church on September 29, Sheriff Steve Prator continued his aggressive rhetoric by ridiculing the process of due process in law enforcement, along with flipping off the District Attorney’s office in front of the public.He has shown a blatant disregard for the quality of communication between his department and the citizens of Caddo Parish, and we believe it is a grave mistake to ignore this in the face of so much compelling evidence.‘s mission statement reads: “It is our mission to inform the public, closely examine controversial topics, ease social tensions, provide accountability to our local leadership, and to be a powerful voice for the underrepresented.” In our magazine, we recently published a series of articles that cast the Caddo Parish Sheriff, Steve Prator, in a negative light.We were initially concerned about his continued ability to govern our community after several incidents came to our attention that we believed were worthy to report.After incriminating chat messages were found on his work computer assigned to him by Caddo Sheriff’s Office, a search warrant was obtained to investigate computers from his residence where they were forensically examined.

The most recent of these articles addressed how Sheriff Prator covered the tracks of a staff member of the Sheriff’s Department who was caught viewing child pornography while at work.Many staff members later shared their grievances with us privately or often confirmed our suspicions when we mentioned it, and were glad to support our cause.Every time we have interacted with the Sheriff’s Department about public information requests or to receive insight about an issue, we were denied access; additionally, an elevated threat by intimidation was a common response to our questions.National media outlets have been very interested in our story, and have reached out to us for further direction on how to make light of this situation.

In trying to find the documents that would prove true or false the allegations that were made at the forum, we encountered confusing and evasive responses from clerks and Caddo Sheriff’s Office staff.

Sheriff deputies were commonly seen patrolling the private road that ‘s office is located on.

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