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08-Nov-2017 13:01

Moreover, your business is at least solvent or near-solvent, so bankruptcy is not an option.

And even if you were near or at insolvency, you'd probably find it preferable to liquidate your assets and negotiate amounts owed to your creditors, while at the same time avoiding the stigma of bankruptcy.

The everything-must-go sale at HHGregg's 220 stores follows several other major chains over the past couple of years that decided to close their doors and sell remaining goods at rock-bottom prices.

But before consumers are ready to dive in, there are five important points to take in account to get the most out of the bargain bonanza.

If you decide to hire a consultant, contact several (try searching for "quitting business," "going out of business," "business liquidation," "liquidation consultant," "exit strategies" on the Internet) and interview each of them extensively, both through written and telephonic communication as well as a face-to-face meeting. and is a professional retail liquidation consultant.

Remember, this is a one-time event and you cannot afford to make costly mistakes! He may be contacted toll-free at 1-866-222-7992 or by email to [email protected]

They may send you a package deal and never be on-site, they may be on-site throughout the sale, or they may be on-site only as required.

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They have been too close to the business for years and know the 24/7/365 routine required to be successful in many small businesses.Selling a company to an interested buyer is the method most commonly associated with getting out of a business.But for many small business owners, liquidating assets is often the best or perhaps only feasible method of exiting their businesses, especially retail businesses.These firms are typically classified as consulting firms.

And the liquidation sales they conduct may come in several cloaks: Quitting Business Sale, Total Liquidation, Going Out of Business Sale, Retirement Sale, Creditor Sale are just some of the titles associated with these sales.As with any method of exiting from your business, a liquidation should be approached with professional assistance and some important guidelines.

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