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From what I gather, very few were made, and it's never been released on any other format.

I had it digitally transferred for myself, and I'd love to get that out on vinyl.

Granted, not a lot of 16-year-olds have already spent years writing about music (he used to have his own column in Metro Times and none other than Kim Fowley referred to him as something like ""the Cameron Crowe of Detroit") and running their own record label from their parents' basement.

But if that were all there were to the story, it probably wouldn't get so far.

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Koral is lanky, smart, and just a touch sardonic (which is a biological imperative, as the dude is 16).Jarrett Koral: I collected records on independent labels for a few years before I started my own, so doing my own thing just felt like a logical step.I saw other labels putting out records like Infinity Cat in Nashville, so I figured that I could give it a shot.I am a huge fan of the '90s/early '00s Detroit groups like the White Stripes, Hentchmen, and Von Bondies.

And being around the scene really inspired me to jump in and give my own take on it.It seems silly to be writing an introduction for Jarret Koral in the Metro Times.

With her content selling al large and making money, she produced her own TV show in 2007, named Breaking the Curse with Daryn Kagan.… continue reading »

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