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Prompt: Dan and Phil use dating apps (like the one in the O2Guru TV video) to get out there and they both start talking to people who they really click with and decide to go on a date (baring in mind they told their “special someone” a lot of secrets about them and sexual/physical/mental desires) and it turns out they were talking to each other the whole time. He cringed, thinking about how terrible they were, but nevertheless, he put the most decent looking one as his profile picture - He technically wouldn’t be catfishing anyone, as he still looked the same.

Genre: Fluff, Smut, (Slight) Angst Warnings: Cussing, Sexual Content, Violation of Internet Safety Notes: Takes place in 2011, Manchester_________________________________________________________It was another rainy day in Manchester, England. He sighed to himself, was this the real way to get out there? ) are named here Q: What does *any word related to phanfic/fanfiction* mean? here’s a handy dandy page for you Q: I’m new how do I do anything? ) A: This is everything you will probably ask: Phanfic Starter Pack Phanfic Starter Pack Q: I have link that won’t work?

Watching your guys’ videos make my laugh really hard and always leave me with a smile on my face. Thank you Dan and Phil Dear Dan and Phil(danisnotonfire and amazingphil), I want to thank you both for making awesome You Tube videos.

Even though you’re not actually there it feels like I have someone to confide to when I’m upset, when I’m down I can watch your videos and focus myself on being more postive.Dan was in his usual internet browsing position on the living room couch, scrolling through tumblr and looking at all the wacky photo edits and amazing fanart fellow fans had drawn. Why didn’t he just go outside and stop being a stubborn git. This will all end well, he could show his new girlfriend to his fans! Please refer to the submissions guidelines Q: How do you add a read more? A: Step 1) Check the urlchange url change tag Step 2) Check source if the post was reblogged Step 3) If the fic was deleted, we really can’t help you (sorry!He smiled to himself knowing he had people there to support him and enjoy his content, it made him feel special. When fans weren’t shipping him and his best friend, Phil together. He looked up from his laptop and stared at the wall, thinking about his past girlfriends - they were all a bit weird…He didn’t get with anyone during uni, heck, he can’t really remember them after dropping out! After a couple of minutes of silence, was sure that his flat mate wasn’t around and got out his i Phone, scrolling through his apps to find the Ok Cupid app he downloaded when filming the “Sexy internet Dating” video with Phil. Looking through the account they previously used for the guinea pig he laughed to himself and slightly cringed. Making a new account and putting in his details such as his name, age, interests- wait. Surely, they would only see him as danisnotonfire, internet cult leader and not him (that’s what he thought anyway…)He shook his head and changed his name to “Dan Smith”Oh, how original…Delia Smith…He rolled his eyes at himself but decided to keep it as there wasn’t anything else he could come up with. He was 21 from Berkshire, England currently living in Manchester. (If he’d end up with a girl anyway, he wouldn’t want to show a potential boyfriend to them or they’d rage about Phan)it would be fun whatever gender he dated! We are A blog for phanfiction, not THE blog for phanfiction. ) Step 4) If you still can’t find it, we will be more than happy to help you!He had no other relationship, he was single and living with his best friend in a flight of apartments. He worked as…A journalist for the digital newspaper (Close enough, right? They’d do couple-y things like hold hands and walk together, cuddle up on the sofa watchin countless Sherlock and Doctor Who, Derp around on rockband and make videos together. We don’t get paid for this, we aren’t professionals and we have no authority over anything. Please don’t send us rude things, we won’t answer you and it will get deleted.

Surely not his original because he’d still be recognisable! He had no other choice but to use his old My Space photos.

Because this is what you’ve done, this is what you’ve achieved: you made each of our lives better in some way. All the best wishes PS: If you wish to contact someon for some reason and there is no Tumblr link or Twitter name given, then those people probably submitted via e Mail.