Starcraft 2 updating blizzard update agent

20-Dec-2017 15:29

**As previously stated, Tech Support tried to help me and ended by saying "...

starcraft 2 updating blizzard update agent-23

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I've tried searching through most of the other posts on here about getting Wo W to work, but most people say they can execute the and have no problems loading the launcher.

I also tried looking for the game in the Play on Linux database but it doesn't appear to exist anymore.

I tried using a playonlinux script but that failed after selecting the It always gets stuck at the same spot 1/3 of the way finished with Updating Blizzard Update Agent" screen.

Been a month since I ran into this problem and I still cant get it to work. Completely uninstalled and reinstalled the game several times.

Nah, it shouldn't take hours - there's something wrong there. Blizzard just needs to man up and admit the error is on their end and release a hotfix for this... Made sure the Secondary logon was set to automatic. No matter how long I let it sit, it doesn't progress.