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06-Nov-2017 04:28

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As with all dating apps, Blendr is not suitable for teens.

The Blendr app is designed for adults, and many adults feel that it is a venue to showcase their nude bodies.

The name “Down” comes from its unique feature where users are presented with pictures and they determine whether or not they would either “Get Down” or “Get Date” with someone based on the picture.

Nothing happens if they choose neither, but upon choosing, the person in the photo is asked the same thing.

There are countless strangers who use this app, and there is no telling when a perfectly normal profile persona turns out to be radically different from behind the curtain.

Teens that use this application end up with their photographs in the wrong hands and their GPS location can be estimated from using the app.

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Online dating websites have upped their game in gaining recognition by attracting users of popular social media sites to go with what they know.This private information along with your child’s photo on a dating website should not be something that the smartphone or tablet is being used for.Blendr Blendr and Tinder sound similar in name and they are similar in function as well.Tinder will first look into a users friends list on Facebook and narrow down those who meet desired criteria.

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Tinder also looks at a user’s GPS location and finds other users who are nearby.

Online dating has been somewhat taboo since the dawn of the Internet, but lately it has become easier for adults to connect with each other while verifying who they are talking to on the other end.