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Victoria helps her friend Sheila (Anne Reid), who uses the services of the library's video dating agency, by tagging along on the dates — just in case one of the men turns out to be an axe-murderer!

Featuring: Anne Reid (Sheila); Carol Mac Ready (Madge, the librarian); Richard Kane (John, the assistant librarian); Philip Lowrie (Keith); David Henry (Richard); Danny O'Dea (Ted).

Victoria wants to stay in for the night and watch television, but receives a telephone call from her stuck-up friend Jane (Deborah Grant), who drags her along to a posh London dinner party hosted by Moira (Patricia Hodge).

Featuring: Patricia Hodge (Moira); Deborah Grant (Jane); Phyllis Calvert (Hilary); Lill Roughley (Dulcie); Roger Brierley (Gerald); John Nettleton (Charles); Jim Broadbent (Alan); Bryan Burdon (Jim); Celia Imrie (Woman on television/Julia/Television soundtrack female voice); Susie Blake (Judith); Richard Lintern (Kevin); Dawn Archibald (Ailsa); Susan Leong (Doris, the Filipino waitress); Peter Goodwright (Television soundtrack male voices).

Her character often broke the 'fourth wall' of TV and spoke directly to the camera, but not in every episode.

Bored with the sketch format and with a yearning to recapture previous success as a playwright, Wood came up with six individual sitcoms as a compromise. Though Wood was written as the central character, other lead parts were written with specific actresses in mind, like Julie Walters and Una Stubbs.

When the Secretary leaves the BBC to become a full-time sunbather it can sometimes be a jolly long time before those 'scripts' come to light!

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The Daily Express described the show as 'tiresome stuff' and the Daily Mirror said her targets were predictable and snobbish.

Victoria Wood was a series of six one-off situation comedies written by and starring Victoria Wood in 1989, who took a break from sketches, two years after her very successful and award winning series Victoria Wood As Seen On TV.